Types of Psychics

Psychics have always fascinated human imagination. Indeed, they profess to have abilities which surpass the five senses. These abilities enable them to palpate information concealed from the normal human mind. Several kinds of psychics, each with its own skills and areas of expertise. This article attempts to pry into such a mysterious world, examining different kinds, some interesting facts, and even offering some advice for those curious about psychic phenomena.


Clairvoyants certainly are the most well-known kind of psychic. The word means ‘clear seeing.’ These psychics say that they could visualize various scenes, people, or things before them in reality. They might see events in the past, events which will happen in the future, and even things happening far away.

Interesting Fact: A number of very famous historical figures, including Nostradamus, have been thought to possess clairvoyant powers.

Suggestion: A clairvoyant who enjoys a good reputation, and who has positive reviews from past clients is what you should be looking for. Personal recommendations may also be helpful to acquire.


Mediums act as a bridge between this world and the next. They can communicate with spirits who have died, taking messages from the deceased back to the living. This kind of psychic work is often a comfort to bereaved people.

Interesting Fact: Mediumship was a very popular activity during the Victorian era. People held seances in which they tried to communicate with dead loved ones.

Suggestion: When selecting a medium, choose one who has a caring and compassionate nature. This is important as the process can be emotional indeed.


Empaths are people who can feel the emotions of others. They are able to sense and often absorb the feelings of those around them. This can be both a gift and a curse; it can also quickly become overwhelming.

Suggestion: If you’re an empath, it’s valuable to take care of yourself. Generally, understanding the feelings of others means that one has to learn how to set emotional boundaries in order to hold down the intensity of pain that they register.

Interesting Fact: Empathic people are often ideally suited to caregiving professions. They understand the feelings of others deeply.

Tarot Readers

Tarot readers employ tarot cards as a medium to delve into the various facades of life. Every card in a tarot deck has a specific meaning. Readers interpret these cards to offer advice and prognoses.

Suggestion: If you want to learn tarot, then start with a simple deck and a good book. IDC cards regularly until you are more conversant with the meanings and nuances of those cards.

Interesting Fact: Tarot cards are derived from a card game which originated in 15th-century Europe. They were later adopted for use in fortune-telling.


Astrologers study the positions and movements of celestial bodies. They believe those locations can influence human behavior and events here on Earth. By analyzing birth charts, astrologers can give insights on potential personality traits as well as future trends.

Interesting Fact: Astrology has been practiced for thousands of years. In ancient civilizations such as Babylon and Egypt, it was treated as a science.

Suggestion: When getting an astrological reading, present accurate information on your birth. This includes not only the date but what time you were born and where.


Palmists, or knowledgeable palm readers, put together their readings on the lines and shapes of hands they believe lie so many secrets. They will detail your life path in detail for you with just a look at the palm of the hand and its many lines.

Interesting Fact: Palmistry has roots in many ancient cultures, including those of India, China, and Egypt.

Suggestion: Going to a palmist, says Roth, shouldn’t be too different from having your palm read, even though it may initially sound strange that such lines could mean anything. Your hands change over time, just as the lines.


Numerologists study the mystical significance of numbers. They hold that numbers, particularly those related to birthdates and names, can reveal insights about an individual’s life and fate.

Suggestion: To get started in numerology, focus on your life path number. This number is figured from your birth date and can provide succinct insight into your personal character.

Interesting Fact: This number by date can help give you direction as well. The Life Path may indicate which course of action you should take next.

Aura Readers

Aura readers perceive the energy fields surrounding people, known as auras. These fields can reflect a person’s emotional, physical, and spiritual state.

Psychometric Readers

Thus, the objects used by psychometric readers must be connected with their clients on some level in order for them to glean information about that person or event.

Parapsychologists have shown that psychometry can be real. It is not a parlor trick or the work of a con artist. There are instances in which, through clear-eyed, strict scientific methods and tests designed by reasonable experts–such as an object’s physical properties changing under someone else’s gaze–demonstrate the existence of both energy and information stored in (some) objects.

Secret pages also show that psychometry can be taught. There is no need for this talent to remain wholly untapped.

Dream Interpreters

Dream interpreters analyze dreams to uncover hidden messages. They believe dreams can provide insights into the subconscious mind and predict future events.

Today, by observation and experiment with thousands of cases to draw upon, it is clear that dreams have an even broader significance than this. They are also guideposts pointing out pet peeves of nature herself–and invisible helpers who provide help along one’s way into life successfully.

Dreams from the Animal Kingdom represent a person’s complete relationships with animals. They symbolize the instinctual process of nature, and all its power to survive when left alone.

Dream Interpretation is not new but dates back to ancient cultures from Egypt and Greece: our earliest ancestors believed that dreams, like messages from the gods themselves or spiritualist mediums who communicated with them regularly on your behalf although unorthodox even now for a dream analysis in polite society today-you could say “He.”

Animal Communicators

Animal communicators, or pet psychics, claim to communicate telepathically with animals. They can help understand an animal’s needs, behaviors, and feelings.

Interesting Fact: Animal communication can be used to help solve behavior problems or to detect a pet’s health woes.

Tip: When looking for an animal communicator, be sure to look for someone who has experience working with your sort of pet. Building rapport and trust with the animal is critical.

How to Approach Psychic Readings

If you’re considering a psychic reading, it is important to approach it with both an open mind and your feet on the ground. Here is some advice that will help you make the most of your experience.

Do Your Homework: Before you commit any money to a psychic, look him/her up. A good psychic will have favorable feedback. His/her customers should give good reports online.

Write Down Questions: What matters most to you? Having specific questions can help guide the words of advice and make them more fruitful.

Keep An Open Mind: Psychics channel information differently. Accept the messages, even if they come about in curious ways.

Take Notes: Jot down what you hear so as to recall it later. This is beneficial in the context of memory and thought.

Meditate Afterwards: Consider what information has been given and how it makes sense to you. At times, a reading’s importance becomes more apparent as loved ones pass on.

The Science and Skepticism of Psychic Abilities

Although a number of claims purporting such power are made, empirical studies generally suggest otherwise. Most results have been attributed to chance–particularly since they were uncertain at first–psychological factors (suggestibility) or fraud. However, interest in psychics remains alive due to people’s yearning for hope, as well as guidance, warmth and reassurance from the unknown.

Interesting Fact: There have been some scientific studies investigating psychic claims but results are often inconclusive or even discredited under proper scientific conditions.

Suggestion: Keep a balance between healthy skepticism and graphic belief. While it is all right to enjoy the fun of doing a psychic reading, balance your perspective with some rational thinking and evidence-based conclusions.


Psychics allow for a peek into the unknown. From clairvoyants and mediums, to tarot readers and animal communicators – each brings their own distinct view. The validation of psychic abilities by science is still quite controversial; however on a personal level many people take great psychic readings and benefit emotionally from them. Whether you are a skeptic or a believer, the world of psychics continues to inform and entertain.

Feel free to check out these different kinds of readings, allow your mind to relax, and just see.

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