Mobile Print Shop


Mobile Print Shop

Print Collaboration : THE ARCHIVIST (Bangkok) / LE DERNIER CRI (France) / Designed by STUDIO 56 (Bangkok)

  • Date : Tuesday 26th January - Saturday 30th January
  • Time : 7 pm - 12 pm
  • Venue : Itinerant – see map
  • Address :

During BUKRUK Festival we set up a Mobile Print Shop that will follow the events daily.

The aim of the print shop is to offer a wide selection of books, zines and prints, and to engage with the public in the framework of constant workshop introducing screenprint technique.

It is a great opportunity to kick off the artist book trend already blooming in Europe and use these books as tool to spread the self-publishing culture in Thailand as well.

You can browse the prints here:

Bridge Art Space – 26th January 2016, 7pm – 12pm

Serindia Gallery – 27 January 2016, 7pm – 12pm

P. Tendercool – 28 January 2016, 8pm – 12pm

Speedy Grandma – 29 January 2016, 7pm – 12pm

The Jam Factory– 30th January 2016, 5pm – 12pm

The Archivist

The Archivist is a screen print studio and print shop run by a graphic designer, Minchaya Chayosumrit and a creative director, Kanaporn Phasuk. The studio produces their own works and sells contemporary art prints in collaboration with many artists, designers, illustrators both from Thailand and around the world which led to their very own first exhibition AN ORIGINAL BY THE ORIGINALS in 2015. Their mission is to create a new group of up-and-coming collectors and function as a center for contemporary art prints.

Have you always wanted to try the screen printing? Take your chance at the Music Festival at the Dockyards and the Animation Night at The Jam Factory, where The Archivist team prepares some screen and paint to introduce you the technique.

Le Dernier Cri

Le Dernier Cri is a Marseille based publishing house focused on publishing books, prints, silkscreens, posters and original art of visual artists that produce underground art. Pakito Bolino and Caroline Sury started the organisation in 1992. For Bukruk 2016, Pakito will join the mobile print shop with a wide selection of zines, cards, posters and more, hand made by Le Dernier Cri, designed by artists from Europe and Asia. All zines will be for sale at the mobile print shop!

56th Studio

56th Studio is a multidisciplinary design studio that works graphically three dimensional. They provide services for object design and prop styling that can be applied into various projects, from visual identity, visual merchandising, branding, set for photography, animation, interior, exterior or any space related project.
56th studio is one of BUKRUK II main collaborator in the Mobile Print Shop project by providing the installation system. Known for their bold style, Saran and Napawan designed the system to present and transport the carefully selected printed matter. The installation playfully questions of ‘high’ and ‘low’ both in art and design by hijacking mass produced household objects and plastic objects with rich elements.